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Why Us?

The Ecom Nuggets provides you a powerful research tool for the dropshipping industry it allows you to access hundreds of thousands of winning products from Facebook ads. Easier to spy FB ads from the competitors and replicate their proven products in your eCommerce business. Guessing on testing products is like throwing money without results. We provide all in one tool for dropshippers from FB ads spy and audience research that saves you hundreds of dollars a month.

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Packed with unparalleled features

Detailed search filters

Search by text, URLs, via comments, advertiser, demographic information, geographic location, type of ad, audience reaction, when it was created, the type of device, and more!

Exact targeting details

Until now, you had to "guess" targeting based on who saw the ads. We show you the exact targeting! Example: "30+ year olds in Philippines", even if one 31 year old female saw it.

Interact with live ads

In our search results, we provide you with the actual ad's screenshot. Clicking through shows a local copy of the ad that you can interact with; including playing any videos!

Landing page details

We visit each ad's destination link using methods to defeat cloakers, log all the redirects, take a screenshot of the final page, permanently save it to download, and provide stats.

Extremely fast interface

All of your search requests will be processed within just a few milliseconds. Fast servers, clear interfaces ensures that we can cater all reauest.

Targeting overviews

You are provided an overview of the country, age, gender, ad type and device targeting based on the results of whatever you searched for.

We scrape thousands of Facebook Ads daily.